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Vita + is located in northeastern Brazil, known for its semiarid climate and characterize by low rainfall and low humidity. An extremely favorable region for growing tropical fruits using the irrigation system. In our biome, the Caatinga, we have rich and diverse fauna and flora that deserve all the care and ensure.

Thinking about its preservation, we created an Ecological Sanctuary, a space with 560 ha (approximately 780 football fields) to stimulate our initiative. We are starting a partnership with Ibama and other environmental agencies that work in our region, the sanctuary intends to protect the Caatinga. The area will be destined to release captured animals and re-adapt them to their natural habitat and also for seedling native plants management.

To consolidate the Ecological Sanctuary, we will valorize the reforestation, offering monitored visitation in the area and lectures about environmental conservation and also dispose a space for reception of students with environmental education and sustainable class.