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logitech g933 ps4

The Logitech G933 is a high-end wireless gaming headset that is suited for long gaming sessions. Be part of the most informed community and take advantage of our advanced tools to find the best product for your needs. First and foremost, this is a flexible headset. In the bass range, occupied by the rumble of airplane and bus engines, they achieve no isolation. They have a good range, a long battery life, and a decently comfortable design. Dolby 7.1 surround sound and DTS Headphone: X technology, RGB lighting, customizable G key, and sound effects. It has programmable buttons, and the Logitech Gaming Software offers more options than Corsair iCUE. The treble performance is very good. It uses the 2.4 GHz wireless connection, 7.1 surround sound, and DTS Headphone: X technology, and 16.8 million color RGB lights. It uses the 2.4 GHz wireless connection, 7.1 surround sound, and DTS Headphone: X technology, and 16.8 million color RGB lights. According to the review, Logitech G935 Wireless Gaming Headset and therefore the Logitech G933 Wireless Gaming Headset are very similar in design, but the G935 isn’t necessarily an upgrade over the G933, especially if you have already got the primary model. Update 05/17/2019: The Logitech Gaming Software has been updated to G HUB. Though the SteelSeries are better headphones in general, fans of Logitech's G HUB software should consider the G933 since it’s still a very good gaming headset at a fraction of the price. All cords included. They have slightly larger and heavier ear cups than the G930 so they will easily fall off your head under strenuous physical conditions. The Arctis also sound much better than the G933 and have a superior microphone. It also offers channel mixing, which the G933 doesn’t. Everything seems to be in front of your eyes, and every player’s actions are under your control, helping you to perfectly integrate into this FPS game. On the other hand, the Pro have a much clearer and better performing microphone. The Logitech G933 have great but slightly confusing controls. They also have a well-balanced sound that you can EQ to your liking with the Logitech gaming software. LFE (low-frequency extension) is at 10Hz, which is excellent. I turned them on in the last two photos to show that they work properly. The Logitech G933 headphones have a decent battery life that delivers up to 12 hours of continuous playtime. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Wireless 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset at the best online … Would the Logitech G533’s work with a PS4? On the other hand, the G533 has a more low-profile look, and its sound quality is more accurate. The response here represents the average bass response and your experience may vary. They provide two control schemes; one when wireless with the default button layout on the right ear cup, and another when wired with the 1/8" TRRS audio cable that has an in-line remote. These headphones are not stable enough for running and doing physical activity but should be okay for more casual uses. If you prefer gaming headphones that have better performance out-of-the-box, get the SteelSeries, but if you prefer to spend time deeply customizing your headset to perfection, consider the Logitech. Required fields are marked *. The Logitech G933 deliver on all the essentials that make a great gaming headphone. When the surround sound is turned off, the treble, midrange, and bass are very balanced. This could result in a bass that is a tad slow, but it's subtle enough that most people won't notice it. The SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless are much better gaming headphones than the Logitech G933 Wireless Gaming Headset. However, you can also use the G933 wired. 1. However, it is consistently recessed by about 2.5dB, which nudges vocals towards the back of the mix by giving more emphasis to the lower frequencies. Its sound coverage can almost reach half a map. Open box (never used), Practically brand new need gone, shoot offer. The overall level of the leakage is a bit loud too. The G935 is Logitech's newest cross platform, flagship wireless gaming headset, replacing the G933 Artemis Spectrum. The G933 are bulky, and not breathable or stable enough for sports. Their wired connection also means no latency at all, and you won’t have to manage battery life. The mic design is a relatively short plastic hinge with a retractable and flexible boom mic. 9 9. comments. Although the SteelSeries and Logitech both have an inconsistent sound across users, the SteelSeries offers an EQ directly on its wireless transmitter so you can customize sound on-the-fly. The Logitech have better controls, feel more durable and stable, block out more background noise, have a better microphone recording quality, and can be used wired as well as wirelessly. The Logitech G933 Wireless Gaming Headset are a better gaming headset than the Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset. The Logitech have a better microphone recording quality but don’t have a channel mixing feature like the Astro. If you want better battery life, take a look at the SteelSeries Arctis 7 2019 Edition with their 25 hours, or the dual battery system of the Arctis Pro Wireless. The Logitech G933 are a good gaming headset that's also suitable for home theater. Wireless transmission sound quality loss is relatively small. Stereo only via wireless on PS4 the surround sound stuff is done via software on the PC. Unfortunately, since there are so many options on one ear cup, it can be a bit confusing at first, especially during a heated multiplayer game. They also have a few features and accessories that set them apart from the competition, like programmable buttons and an RCA cable that makes them a bit more suitable for watching movies than other gaming headsets. Each zone can be programmed separately from approx. The other set is a wire-controlled microphone, which can be used on the collar. Logitech® G933 Artemis Spectrum Mode de veille Activation/désactivation des signaux et de l'éclairage G933 Artemis Spectrum se met en veille pour économiser l'énergie lorsqu'il n'a pas Lorsque votre casque est sous tension, reçu de signal audio pendant 5 minutes. Logitech has distinguished these buttons from shapes, materials, and feeling, but they are really similar when you touch them. In fact, G933 can be called the wireless version of G633 in terms of appearance and function. They take quite a bit of time to charge when compared to more recent Bluetooth headphones but compared to some gaming headsets, they are about average at 3.8hrs. It can not only connect wirelessly to your PC, but does the same with the PS4 and Xbox One, and can also connect to your smartphone, PS3, Xbox 360 and DVD/Blu-ray players with the included 3.5mm and RCA cables. If you want a gaming headset that also supports Bluetooth, check out the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 or the Elite 800. The sound of the wall cracked and splattered soil can even make you feel buried in dust. The boom microphone of the Logitech G933 is excellent at noise handling. The G933 are also compatible with the G HUB software, which allows tons of customization options, while the Pro doesn’t have any. The Astro A50 Gen 3 Wireless 2017 are slightly better gaming headphones than the Logitech G933 Wireless Gaming Headset, but they do have a few flaws. Product: Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Wireless Gaming Headset Manufacturer: Logitech Input: One USB 2.0+ Port ... with PS4, Xbox One, and mobile functions restricted to cabled connections. Here you have a volume dial with better feedback, a mute mic button, and the power switch. The SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless 2017 are better wireless headphones than the Logitech G933 Wireless Gaming Headset. Sensitive to glasses. The Logitech G933 feel more premium than the G930. The HFE (high-frequency extension) is at 6.3kHz, which results in a clear and detailed speech, but it may lack a bit of airiness. G933 claims that at 50% volume, the battery life is up to 12 hours per charge without lighting or 8 hours with default lighting. They have an excellent mic, low latency and a well-balanced sound that you can EQ via the Logitech gaming software. Your email address will not be published. Close. Since the microphone itself is fixed on the rail, there is not much adjustment. The main features of G933 are printed on the back of the package: Unpack the box, G933 headset was placed in a plastic compartment. Archived. They do work in wireless mode on PS4 and the audio mixing from multiple sources is superb. Logitech G533’s with PS4. They're bulky, cumbersome, and do not fold into a more compact format. G933 gaming headset is very comfortable to wear. The Logitech G933 has a very good microphone. The significant portion of their leakage sits between 300Hz and 4KHz, which is a broad range. You can see what products we currently have for sale. New (never used), Brand new in the box. The base/dock is a small USB dongle transmitter with a line-in. If you prefer gaming headphones that have better performance out-of-the-box, get the SteelSeries, but if you prefer to spend time deeply customizing your headset to perfection, consider the Logitech. Its tuning style is entirely for gaming, if you use it to listen to rock and metal music, the effect is not bad. Also, you’ll be able to use it wired on consoles even if the battery is dead, which can’t be done with the Logitech G533. One set is a foldable noise reduction microphone. The Logitech G933 are great gaming headsets with lots of customization options. The Logitech G933 Wireless Gaming Headset and the Logitech G Pro X are both good gaming headphones but the G933 can be used wirelessly and are more customizable. The Logitech G733 LIGHTSPEED Wireless and the Logitech G933 Wireless Gaming Headset have different advantages. All bullet sounds, footsteps, and ambient sounds are very clear. Logitech G933: This is a pretty slick little headset. While the Logitech have better-balanced mid and treble ranges, they are very bass-heavy. You also have more controls on the headset and have access to mappable buttons. I’ve been using it quite heavily with the PS4, myself. For those who have ideas about high-quality wireless gaming headsets, Logitech G933 is a pretty good choice. I’m glad I bought this, it’s awesome and satisfied with Logitech customer service. They have a decently flexible headband that is reinforced with a metal frame. The regrettable but unexpected disadvantage is that for users who wear glasses, Logitech G933’s head beam is relatively tight and hard, so it will tightly press the glasses side frame. But its music performance is not as good as HIFI headphones. However, the padding on the ear cups is a bit stiff and doesn't feel as nice on the skin as the microfiber or pleather coating of some of the other The Logitech G935 Wireless Gaming Headset and the Logitech G933 Wireless Gaming Headset are very similar in design, but the G935 isn't necessarily an upgrade over the G933, especially if you already have the first model. The bass is very good. The Logitech have great connection options, a low latency wireless connection for PS4 and PC, and an excellent app that offers a lot of customizable settings. Through these accessories, G933 can be compatible with PC, Xbox One, PS4, Mobile. The wireless layout, however, provides a bit more control over the headphones' functionalities. It is easy to accidentally touch each other. It works great with my PS4. The soundstage is mediocre. Their mid-range is a little recessed which may make some instruments and vocals sound a bit distant. They also do not block much noise and they're bulky and cumbersome to carry around. PS4 Slim 500GB, Controller, Headset in Box $150 hide this posting restore restore this posting. With the music at 100dB SPL, the leakage at 1 foot away averages at 46dB and peaks at around 58dB. The boom has an indicator LED so you know when your microphone is on mute. Therefore, their soundstage may be perceived as relatively large, but unnatural and located inside the head. The G935 have better wireless range and very minimal latency. Fierce battles are filled with the sounds of various grenades, incendiary bombs, grenade launchers, bazookas, anti-tank rockets, and mines. They also have a better microphone and a longer-lasting battery. This would have been the second pair I’ve owned. Meanwhile, the G933 are better-built, block out more ambient noise, and offer full wired audio and microphone compatibility with their included 1/8" TRRS cable. They're comfortable enough to wear for long gaming sessions. Logitech G533’s with PS4. The Logitech G933, like most gaming headsets, are not very portable headphones you can carry around on your person. Unfortunately, they are not the most practical to use outdoors, despite being packaged with a regular audio cable that will work with your phone. The Astro have a more neutral sound profile, are very well-built, and are comfortable. Whether you’re gaming on PS4, Xbox One or PC the 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound* and Pro-G audio drivers will immerse you in an expansive all-around cinematic experience. Unfortunately, they're not at all designed for exercising or working out. On the other hand, the Corsair's microphone separates your voice from background noise much better, and the headphones are much more consistent between various users. They won't move much if you're just sitting on the couch gaming, or walking around your home listening to music. Overall, the Logitech might offer better value for most, but if you choose the Astro, remember to order the appropriate console variant for your needs. 160 St-Viateur Est, Suite 408, Montreal, Canada, H2T 1A8, SteelSeries Arctis 7 2019 Edition Wireless. They have channel mixing, which can be useful when you need to mute game or chat audio. Also, the Logitech microphone performs better and transmits a more accurate and full-bodied speech. $20. Having used various gaming products myself, I will help other gamers benefit from the blog’s recommendations of gaming headsets. The LFE (low-frequency extension) of 281Hz indicates a recorded/transmitted speech that sounds a little thin. share. The SteelSeries also have a better control scheme, a more stable fit, a better microphone, and a quick-charging battery. I just got up and prepared to fight back. After I started to enter the subway, the echo of the enclosed space immediately made me feel a sense of phobia. Also, their bass delivery varies significantly across users, and is sensitive to the quality of the fit, seal, and whether you wear glasses. Their build quality is better, they leak less sound, and their battery is much better.

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