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Along the way, two of the other robbers (including Franz) discover the deaths and chase after Marlina. But the road is long, especially when she begins to be haunted by the ghost of her victim. Tapi … Franz reunites the head of Markus with his corpse and places him beside Marlina's mummified husband. ’s Maggie Lee got in promptly with the tag “satay Western”—fair enough, as satay is actually eaten in the film, as is a fatal batch of chicken soup. Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts (Indonesian: Marlina Si Pembunuh dalam Empat Babak) is a 2017 Indonesian drama film directed by Mouly Surya and written by Surya and Rama Adi, based on a story conceived by Garin Nugroho. Premature burial: the sad fate of hundreds of fierce, supernatural action films from the Eighties and Nineties is even more shocking than the movies, House of false repute: Korea's premiere international film festival is showing signs of pan-Asian atrophy, “What are you doing making a film about genocide if it’s not really disturbing?”, Rithy Panh's film about the horrors of the Khmer Rouge has equal elements of art brut, therapy, and poetry, A popular trick among us film critics is to identify a given film as “really” a Western, wherever in the world it’s set, and particularly if it takes place in the present. In the first act, in genuine western fashion, a man enters Marlina’s house uninvited, pragmatically informing her that his gang will soon arrive, take all her money, her livestock and sleep with her, and there is nothing she can do about it, since her husband is actually dead, placed mummified in a corner of the room. Film mampu mempengaruhi masyarakat melalui isi pesan di dalamnya. Now, church bells are not something you automatically associate with an Indonesian setting—nor are characters with names like Markus, Robert, Franz, and Ian. But the road is long, especially when the ghost of her headless victim begins to haunt her. [2] It was screened in the Directors' Fortnight section at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. Surya also goes for long takes and super-measured pacing: the final act is a case of slow-burn cinema taken to a cool extreme., Jakarta Film Marlina Si Pembunuh dalam Empat Babak, berjaya dalam Piala Citra 2018 yang digelar pada akhir pekan lalu.Film arahan Mouly Surya ini, berhasil menyabet 10 Piala Citra, termasuk penghargaan utama berupa Film Terbaik. Stunningly shot vistas show off a beautiful yet desolate landscape where Marlina’s loneliness is compounded and her determination all the more strongly felt. He, believing that a breech baby is a sign of infidelity, hits her and leaves her to be found by Franz, who threatens her into luring Marlina back to the house. She burns Markus' musical instrument, a jungga. It usually requires just a few recognizable genre elements: a stretch of sunbaked landscape, some equally weather-beaten faces, and the odd horse always helps. At the beginning of the film, Marlina seems to be in a state of numbness that comes from missing, longing, and grieving all at once. She then gives birth. Marlina bonds with a young girl in a local warung. Bagaimana pun, film Marlina ini mungkin lebih cocok disamakan dengan film-film samurai dari Jepang dibanding film-film Quentin Tarantino. Reviewing the Indonesian film Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts, Variety’s Maggie Lee got in promptly with the tag “satay Western”—fair enough, as satay is actually eaten in the film, as is a fatal batch of chicken soup. You’ve got to poke inside to get it out.”. The film has been described as a "Satay Western", combining aspects of the feminist Western genre with an Indonesian setting. Malèna is a 2000 romantic comedy-drama film directed and written by Giuseppe Tornatore from a story by Luciano Vincenzoni. Surya tends to keep the violence at a distance from the camera, however, or frame it with distancing formality: Markus’s beheading is done with brisk elegance, in one of those symmetrical shots that are the film’s signature. Film sinema berjudul "Marlina - Si Pembunuh dalam 4 Babak" seperti membantah kesan bahwa suasana seram dan mencekam suatu film dibangun dari suara atau musik yang tiba-tiba kencang mengagetkan jantung para penonton. The third film from the promising female director Mouly Surya, Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts uses the intriguing concept of a feminist Western and fuses it against the very traditional and heavily Muslim values and ideologies within Indonesia. Atau Marlina dtampilkan sebagai sosok lone wolf yang pendiam, tapi sekelilingnya penuh … On review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval rating of 98% based on 42 reviews, and an average rating of 7.81/10. A second level to this parlor game involves fitting the right national food to the film. June 21, 2018, A popular trick among us film critics is to identify a given film as “really” a Western, wherever in the world it’s set, and particularly if it takes place in the present. Cerita film ini dibuat berdasarkan ide dari Garin Nugroho yang baru saja… It won the Grand Prix at the 2001 Cabourg Film Festival. The rape-revenge drama might lay claim to being the popular feminist genre par excellence, if only examples didn’t so often hover with relish over the violence done to its heroines. Written by Surya and Rama Adi, and based on a story by veteran director Garin Nugroho, The rape-revenge drama might lay claim to being the popular feminist genre. Film American Made ada hubungannya dengan Pablo Escobar karena film ini diangkat dari kisah nyata Barry Seal (Tom Cruise), pilot pesawat komersil yang dipindah tugaskan sebagai agen CIA yang menyamar menjadi kurir narkotika bagi Pablo Escobar. 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One is a young pregnant woman named Novi, an indefatigably garrulous grumbler, her dialogue delivered by Dea Panendra in a style that’s not so much sing-song as alternately whooping and chirruping. She commandeers a passing bus, which happens to be carrying two of the liveliest supporting characters you could wish for. Interiors at Marlina’s farm, sometimes with a shaft of light diagonally intersecting the room, are shot head-on, with characters arranged carefully like dolls: sometimes, we could be gazing into those little toy rooms from Hereditary. Marlina the Murderer’s death toll is quite substantial and certain images are macabre, yet they feel oddly innocent, or at least without any tinge of the charnel house about them. By Directed by Giuseppe Tornatore. Surya loves symmetry or near-symmetry: as when Marlina sits impassively through a table tennis match, positioned so that she’s at center screen, almost but not quite in line with the net. Marsha Timothy yang didaulat menjadi pemeran utama Marlina, dinobatkan sebagai Best Actress dalam Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival 2017, di Catalonia, Spanyol, 5-15 Oktober 2017. Mouly Surya’s third film, Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts, is a truly poetic reflection of grief and resistance against the patriarchy.The film tells the story of Marlina, a woman living alone after losing those she loves. The three meet at the house, and Novi's water breaks. The mummified husband is just there, silent witness to the home invasion, like an interesting conversation piece that doesn’t much seem to trouble anyone. The film is so highly arranged—Topan and Marlina framed by a window that’s like a little box containing them both—that even Wes Anderson fans might find it a little formal at times. Pada tahun 2018, film Marlina Si Pembunuh Empat Babak mewakili Indonesia untuk OSCAR dengan kategori Film Dengan Bahasa Asing Terbaik.

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