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As Vita+ emerged

Vita+ began in 2000 when the agronomic brothers and engineers Ricardo Cézar Carlos Rocha and Herickson Gustavo Carlos Rocha decided to materialize a common dream:

To create a productive system with modern concepts allied to sustainability and environment.


In 2012, the development of Vita+ crossed the Atlantic. Currently, besides answering national territory, the fruits cultivated in the rich and fertile northeastern soil also reach the demanding markets of Holland, England, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Russia, the Middle East, Spain, Italy, Portugal, United States and Canada.


There are more than 4,000 ha distributed in four farms equipped with packing houses with more than 9,000m² and capacity to process 1,400 tons of fruit per week, modern cold chambers, cooling tunnels, and nursery for plant seedlings production. We also have an own structure for water harvesting.




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